A thought on it

April 26, 2007
Let me see...

  • 78% of the content on YouTube is pointless and stupid with little or no thought put into the content of the video
  • 21% actually had some effort put into it, but still phailed terribly or used poor marketing/editing
  • .93% utilizes an 'inside joke' that relates to a joke that would only be understood among the author's friends, however, no one will watch the video ANYWAYS because the author is too much of a nerd to have any friends
  • .03% is only viewed by people accidentally clicking on the wrong link or because the video happens to be tagged with a random word
  • and finally, minute traces of well-made, skillfully-edited, cleverly-scripted, effectively-marketed quality video. It is the sole responsibility of YouTube viewers to hunt down these trace elements, for they are not easy to come by, and the featured videos rarely succeed in assisting your search.

Psst, in case you didn't catch on... the percentages are from this planet's atmospheric composition. Now they are YouTube's videospheric composition as well.

Copied & pasted into its own page.